By Shirley Ransdell, Junior writer
Friday, August 17, 2018

(NEW FRONTIER NEWS)- Jeffrey Smith, our author for this piece, starts with the point that GMOs are not healthy. He first cites American Academy of Environmental Medicine which is discredited by quack watch and is known for clinical ecology, which is not a field of science.

In the next paragraph, they claim that numerous health problems are caused by GMOs. They say it causes food allergies, autism, reproductive disorders, and digestive problems. They cite a source for none of these things, and in turn give no proof that these are in any way correlated with GMOs.

The last paragraph says that the American Public Health Association and American Nurses Association both say that you should not use bovine growth hormone. I could not find anywhere that they say GMOs are dangerous. UMPC says that you should not treat kids with growth hormone unless they need it. They did not say cancer is a side effect of` growth hormone, regardless of it being a GMO or not.

Smith’s next point is that GMOs contaminate forever. This paragraph says that GMOs poison the gene pool forever. However, they never cite a source for that. They also don’t prove why this is a bad thing. For example, they say that GMOs can outlast global warning, which is at least neutral unless you prove them to be bad.

Point three is that GMOs increase herbicide use. They claim that herbicide-tolerant plants will increase the use of herbicides. They say that this increases the number of superweeds and that these plants retain more of the herbicide. Neither one of these has any sources to them.

The next point says that genetic engineering creates dangerous side effects. They do not state how genetically modifying plants will cause more side effects than regularly grown plants. They again do not have a source to back this up either.

In the fifth point, they talk about how the government is very relaxed when it comes to GMOs. This is not true because the FDA lists the ways in which it judges GMOs and has many safety regulations around them.

The next point concludes that the biotech industry argues for GMOs the same way tobacco industries argued for cigarettes, this is only the case if GMOs are bad. This has not been shown in the article yet.

Point seven says that research done by those who believe GMOs are bad is being oppressed, but that needs evidence to be proven. They don’t list any cases of this happening, which would go a long way to say that GMOs can have bad effects but would still not prove that you should avoid GMOs altogether.

In point eight they claim that GMOs harm the environment, but then describe all of the bad effects of herbicides, and not on ways GMOs harm the environment. It is good to mention that non-GMO plants have herbicides used on them as well.

The ninth point concludes that GMOs do not help crop production based on a report from the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science, and Technology for Development. This would be good evidence that GMOs should be questioned, however, this report came under fire from the U.S National Library of Medicine for false claims.

The tenth and final point states that if you avoid GMOs that you can get them off the market, but this isn’t anything that proves that GMOs harm people.

Due to the article containing a lot of misinformation, I would rate it a 3/10.


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