By Shirley Ransdell, Junior writer
Friday, July 20, 2018

(NEW FRONTIER NEWS) – This is the continuation of last weeks fact check on the article Is this the most dangerous food for men?.

The article continues from last time with a recommendation that small infants be given cow milk as the first alternative to breast milk as stated in the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is true; the AAP has its own report on it and does state that infants should have breast milk or cow’s milk but does not state why.

The author then states that Paul Cooke found that soy can hurt small children, but I could not find his study on this. He also implies that children raised on soy milk have more allergies and asthma, but I could not find this study either.

Thornton then mentions that Israel limits soy products in children, but this does not mean that soy is dangerous in any way.

His next point is that soy protein is not as effective as other types of protein for muscle gain. This is true; in an article in the Journal of Nutrition, the effects of casein versus soy were tested and the casein protein was shown to be superior.

The article then goes back to the story of Price, the man who drank three quarts of soy milk a day. He describes that his wife had passed away recently and that he used soy milk as a supplement to his diet. Price then says that his being sentimental was caused by soy milk.

Thornton even mentions that the sentimental nature could be called by the death of Price’s wife, but then it’s not mentioned again. Price also said he lost part of his libido, another thing that can happen with age.

The article claims that Price cutting out soy milk ended his symptoms and that he felt like himself again.

They also claim that soy can cause reduced sperm, but there was no evidence that soy harms people this way, as was shown in the previous half of the article. They then claim that the sexual dysfunction in Asian men could be blamed on soy. There may be more research needed to be done.

The article claims that soy can cause dementia and worse memory. This is shown to have evidence. BBC reported that in an Indonesian study soy was shown to increase the effects of dementia, but that this could be caused by the formaldehyde in the soy they were eating. More research should be done on this topic.

The article finishes with the same case study on Price, and how he went back to normal after he cut soy out of his diet. The article ends with a warning to look out for soy in a lot of foods.

Due to some wrong information, I would rate this article a 6/10.


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